New School in Thit-Htaunk-Kun Village

On July 7, 2005 the new school in Thit-Htaunk-Kyun Village was formally handed over to the village and dedicated by the monks. This is the report that was received on July 14th from Tun Niang of New Horizons Travels with whom Generosity in Action has been working. Funds for this project came from various travelers and GiA donors.

"Our visit this time to Bagan emanated a pleasant experience and a satisfying sense of purpose. The handing over and opening ceremony of the Primary school in Thithtaukkyun village was very well organized. The school building was in accordance with the design and specifications of the Education Dept and workmanship was excellent, prompting the Township Education Officer to remark that the school is too good for a poor village."

The opening ceremony began with a distribution of exercise books and pencils to the 75 students left over from Stanford 2002 (Travel/Study) visit with Eli Haizlip of Bamboo Tours of S.F.

Followed by offerings to the monks and prayers and recitations, speeches by the headmaster of the school, the village headman and the Township Education Officer in charge of Bagan and the surrounding areas.

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This is the same village where GiA installed a manual pump and well in the fall of 2003- click here for pictures.

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