Wildlife Education Trust
South Laungwa, Zambia


Our Mission is to teach Zambian children and communities the value of wildlife and their environment so theymay be conserved for present and future generations.

Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust (CWET) is a Zambian registered charitable trust (number 41317), established in 1998, that operates in the area surrounding South Luangwa National Park..

Pupils have a lot of fun at Chipembele
while also learning about wildlife
and the environ.

Pupils from the local schools regularly attend the Chipembele Wildlife Education Centre where there is a large interpretive room full of interesting displays and exhibits. They participate in a fun-filled day of lessons, activities and interactive projects.

There is a thriving tourism business in the area which brings jobs and benefits to the local community, but it is all based on there being abundant wildlife. However, the area is developing rapidly and there are a host of social and environmental problems. One of the most serious problems is that of human wildlife conflict. Elephants, monkeys, baboons and hippos eat crops and stored food and each year several people are killed by elephants and houses are destroyed. Other problems in the area that affect wildlife include poaching and habitat destruction, particularly deforestation as the local people search ever further and harder for firewood and trees for building. Chipembele tries to address the problems by teaching the children the value of wildlife… aesthetically, ecologically and economically.

In addition to the wildlife education centre, Chipembele is very active amongst the local schools and each year carries out construction and renovation of buildings and supplies desks, equipment, books and other educational materials. There is also a pupil sponsorship scheme and sponsorship of teachers and their accommodation.

Other projects carried out under the auspices of Chipembele include the rehabilitation of orphaned and injured animals, environmental protection (Steve is an Honorary Wildlife Police Officer and an Honorary Forest Guard) and the support of local women's groups.

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Donations are urgently needed to support all the projects. CWET is supported in the UK by Chipembele Trust, a registered charity. Donations can be made through the UK Trust or in the US through Generosity in Action, a designated fund at Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, a US 501(c)3 organization.
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The trustees and hands-on managers,
Steve and Anna Tolan, are
ex-BritishPoliceofficers who retired to
Zambia to establish and run the project.

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Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust (CWET)
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