List of Past Generosity in Action projects which are no longer active...

Burma Projects
Thu-Htay-Kan Village
Thit-Htaunk-Kyun Village
Pyaw Bwe Village School
Kya-O Associate Highschool
Lat Pan Chay Pay Village

Burma Cyclone Relief - 2008

Bwejuu - Roadmonkey Project - Zanzibar

Children in the Wilderness - Limpopo Valley

Chibombo District Hearing Mission Zambia

Dong Thap Village Roadmonkey Project - Vietnam

- Dulabhatorn - Doberstyn Memorial

"2013 Elephant Charge" - Zambia

Fougoulou Village Project - Senegal (Fully Funded)

Kasanka Bamboo Project

Khom Loy Development Foundation - Thailand/Burma

Lotus Children's Centre - Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

Malimba Community School Fund - Tribal Textiles

Roadmonkey Projects-
June 2011 - Creative Solutions Project -Zanzibar
July 2011 - Bwejuu Project - Zanzibar
October 2011 - Rach Gia House - Vietnam
November 2011 - Rach Gia Garden - Vietnam
January 2012 - Nicaragua

Schools in Peru Delivering School books

Shiwa Ng'andu Rural Development Project - Zambia

Virunga Primary School Fund - Rwanda

Zanzibar Special Projects

Zambian Carnivore Programme

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